Community Services

Emergency Services


Fire fighting capability is based on a pumper truck from the Community Fire Hall. Portable forest equipment is also available for grass and brush fires.


RCMP are dispatched from the Selkirk detachment. They are here every two weeks for one week. Temporary detention facilities in the RCMP trailer in the community.

(204) 382-2436 phone


Medical response is provided by the staff of the Federal Nursing Station located on the First Nation. Two medical drivers pick up patients. Serious cases will be airlifted to Winnipeg under Federal and Northern Patient Transportation Program.

Water Treatment Plant

The community has two plants (north and south). Plants are monitored daily by public works employees.

Waste Disposal

Solid waste disposal is trucked to a disposal site on the reserve. Sewage is hauled by pump - out truck to a sewage lagoon. The disposal site is located on the First Nation, north of the river.


Frontier School Division operates the Berens River School. It is a consolidated school for both Community Council and First Nations' students.

Recreation Facilities

Arena is a multiplex used for ice hockey, broomball, floor hockey, other sports activities and other social events. Used during treaty days for activities.

Community Hall is used for Drop in Centre during the week and a place to meet.

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